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infectious diseases to which group it the propagation of the inflammation to

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is of no importance except to the surgeon. Many surgeons

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fully rubbed every night with lanolin. The nipple is gently but thoroughly

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Kindly mention MEDICAL SUMMARY when writing to adverUrere

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dilatation of the os tincse and greatly increases the expulsive ute

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distrust in a science which interposes its convenient shield

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was at first supposed to be due to the mild parotiditis

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the child is living and viable. To attain this con

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the disease and partly from the free use of the necessary ano

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real improvement is found after it. There is one important fact that might

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These changes in niclliotl.s of operation have pcrinU

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Obfuraf or Hernia. Firth pL reports a case of strangulated

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most part in less than 30 days. The membrane seems to cause

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Without attempting to control the legislatures of 1913 and 1915

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indication for the exploring of that duct. Obstruction of the

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in the blood for a number of days is not grasped by most

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more than four atmospheres. For most diseases and certainly for lung

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quent cause of death. Did not approve of Senn s test.

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functions of performing on various instruments develops

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may result for if he does not do this tlie patient may

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AxATOMicxL ArvBAOxsces. Id acuta glouil gt the wbole tongue

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tion of the humerus. The former movement is produced largely

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and the results of Ford Robertson s serum treatment cannot but

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some other equally grave condition. The operation in

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dition are rare. The anaesthesia and muscular atrophy of root distribu

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fore might be valuable aids in violent local inflammation. Cup

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Johnston and his staff of Brushwood Graphics for their

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vance or retreat is sure to follow the battle unless it has

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tor had been appointed Patriarch of Constantinople 428

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alcohol and was much exposed to the weather by his work.

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We accept as a part of our mission the development of our home

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has called out various other communications confirming the results

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The broad ligaments liga menta lata uteri Figs. 4202

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forms. Such reasoning connects the Testudinata turtles and tor

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developement. The oleate was applied by gentle friction every

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den loss of consciousness and complete ichixation d I lie extremities. In

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ginal notes a single line runs close round each page with a

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normal. It is impruhahle however that the twisting can he duo to

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lias not been shown to be the first symptom of a stenocardiac

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divided the dilatation caused by atropine is less for two reasons

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after provided to satisfy the matriculation reciuirements of the

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committee therefore recommends the employment of two such special

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Box Charles E. English Pella ra in Kai Jy Childhood Two

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this office is enabled to keep in close toucli with the movement of

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bant veteres Christian se nuUius criminis convictos ob solum nomen

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writer remarks the most important economic problem that con

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it is stated in no spirit of opposition an independent

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in England my friend Dr. Fagge has given a case which

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infant clinics. A short account of this administrative

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subjects. Much more difficult is the procedure in the

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pain and with the same facility that he did before the extirpation of

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The discovery of the uniform existence of an internal openirtg near the anus

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minims protected with cotton wool and silk. One may be

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The present attitude of scholarship is represented not by the phrase

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