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eine. Spanish medicine has been exhaustively treated in the HiMnria
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out will require them to be on tneir feet moving about nearly
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proininences which mark the openings of the reters into he bladder
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The severity of the Umg involvement does not necessarily corres
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M. Meyssonier clout je vous remercie et aiujuel ponrtoute
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date from the beginning of the infection. The quantity and
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this can rarely be done in a conijilete manner obviously the most
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South Africa 1900. By the Professional Staff. With numerous Illus
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ber 18 1902 for the examination of Assistant Surgeon
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cases but all forms of nervous and sympathetic cough gastric hepatic
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may there be no tumour externally appearing or even recognised by
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laboriously working at what may superficially looked on seem to
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has been to produce abortion. In GermaUy there are many
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of Brooklyn for one year. Dr. Eugene Beach of Gloversville
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ing pathologists. In 1893 there were nine. During the present season
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ting. This procedure however is now seldom resorted to except in
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action. He shows some signs of oriental blood to which he i robably
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the same plane. Tea coffee coarse v etables and greasy foods
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woman was followed by an attack of erysipelas on the face from
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The value of these reports increases annually from the larger
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Fever Dirt for Adults and Older Children. Beef broth and egg mutton
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for infectious diseases on a site granted by the local guardians. The
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the presence of a typhoid epidemic some tw o or tlirea
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higher than 100 more often to 102 or 103 but occasionally
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result of their oxidation reduction heat carbonic acid and water.
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Ij mph gland L lymphatics of the posterior quarter
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high voltage is capable of sending a large amperage
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shortly from the inflammatory action developed a shrinking
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However even the children in this group may not all be manifestly sick.
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into the femorals an evident heat acceleration of the heart was produced.
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Spleen Pancreas Abdominal Lymphatics and Supra Renals. Normal.
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During the year 1858 59 there were 104 admissions from dysentery
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of malignant growths of the septum was published by Gouguen
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patient subsequently admitted that she had been losing on and
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by epistaxis or lastly from unassigned causes such as inherited or
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be given either at one sitting or in a series according
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great mass of statistical and other interesting infor
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a kind of watch to remark and announce the appearance of danger.
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but possibly also because newly married people in particular are
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dcrfland thde or fotti h defpifers of them by reafon of their
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daughter of Sir Donald Currie wdio had helped so tunch
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with pulmonary tuberculosis had an ulcer on the back of the
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ii e ano make foftfmtb otber tiertues tbat it batb bcdBes.
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of these ergot is harmful. In the rather massive hemorrhages due
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and 7. One of these shows that the ujjper part of tho
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blether in all parts of the country they worked together and got
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cold. The hills and mountains afford protection from
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derangement of the generative apparatus she is deemed to
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EoYAL College of Scegeons of England Lincoln s Inn Fields.
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exception of syphilis and practically normal controls which makes
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without washing. The most certain method to prevent the discoloia
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the volatile oil which penetrated into the system through the
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a ten per cent. emulsion of iodoform and glycerine
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The muscles of the thorax intercostals tremble. The
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a cultivated heart and mind that must perforce share its
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important part of treatment is the flushing of the colon and
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the care and disposition of nervous and mental cases. Although the
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take a rea fpoonful of the tindure of caftor and lt f
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been allowed to become very much weakened by constant haemorrhage or
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Excessive Appetite. In this there are two different con
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of the results being influenced by the age of the fhes was considered.
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discussed some authorities asserting that it is due to
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due to mechanical injury followed by regeneration. It was found
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The pathogenicit of protozoa is considered under the diseases
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allantois into contact with the opposite parts of the chorion. The inter

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