was seldom necessary. One measure that is probably not suffi

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tion 8 to 1 Fig. 4308 G and its relatively large size in

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Of the Treatment of Organic Strictures of the Uretha hy Iodide of

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thing about him. Whilft in the former he is perfedtly fenfible to

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their study of medicine are a little more successful

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suality while thin and delicate lips denote spirituality

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priest or in the spasms of madness which are the culmination of

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place from the tank and on the other hand the occasional flooding

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endotheliomata as it has been thought by some that the endothe

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The gases are as a rule almost quite odorless whence it may

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prendre pour els. Neanrnoins il y a encoi edes ladresen Pro

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rectifying of a utero displacement may produce a like effect. The treat

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Externally he employed from five to seven per cent salicylic acid

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his meals in common with them the physician is enrtV led to individualise

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addition to the resources of the University library.

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imagines that he is being consumed as if by a confla

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to past. Knee jerks exaggerated. As he consulted me

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times rousing up and gasping for air and springing from one place to

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purulent finally circumscribed and cicatricial with

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in the Hall of the King andtjueen s College of I Ireland.

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The physical effects of electricity are general and local and elec

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own experience. A simple almost minor operation which

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mined. It is difficult to distinguish microscopically

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practitioners of Liverpool that the houses then being

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extent of the external incision leaving the periosteum to be

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into prickle cells. Then we have a somewhat abrupt change to

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movable. The necrosed tissue exposed was touched lightly

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The roentgen rays have considerably furthered the diagnosis of

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Interest and recovery is limited to principal and 6 per cent.

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excess water should be wrung out before the moss is

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disapproves the use of moist applications. Lowenfeld has a very practical

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of which the elements of valgus and abduction the im

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President s Address Arkansas Negro Med. Dent and Phar. Asso 139

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date from the beginning of the infection. The quantity and

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matter which maybe known by the want of its proper whiteness but

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Flesh is firm and white. Available throughout the year.

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deaths included 82 from small pox 85 from measles 32 from scarlet

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acute rheumatic fever and both he and Dr. Fawcett specially commented

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nature of the process underlying diabetes. On the practical side it is already

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nistory. This is a well known plant growing in low grounds and

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Dr. Page s familiarity with die lassies was by no means limited. He

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genital taint is sufficiently strong to develop it independently

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could fle.x his right arm weakly for the first time.

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there is still an increase in the plague death statistics. One

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in Greece. The beginning of the book attributed to Char

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Abdomen. Symmetrical flat muscles somewhat tense liver

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I have seen as much as ten degrees difference between the temperature

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anesthesia at all. Aside from military practice I believe that in

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test is not sulrlciently precise to make it of use in the

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In the ox thej are principally found in the depression at the back

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more particularly met with in the ligaments it will be most appro

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obliteration a clinical picture may be presented varying with the calibre

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activity the relation comes to be disturbed in favor of the

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influence sprang alike from his personality. He was broad minded

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goods notably iheir admirable and elegant palatinoids

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tube leads within twenty four hours to atelectasis of the pulmonary

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Oriante Kufe Orata and Kgbanaje all m a territorial

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trickled away and articulation was very imperfect. He complained ef

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Maneo P. J Traite Theorique et Pratique de la ligature des Arteres

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acts so efficiently and reliably as to emphasize its

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disease proceeds remaining muscles of face trunk and extremities

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along the water front many excursions by water visits

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phine.006 may be given by hypodermic injection 305

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elapsed since this edition of Browne s Works was undertaken

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The year wore on a seemingly endless succession of exams

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ment personnel authorized on the priority schedule by the general staff

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on the Natural History of Jamaica was long delayed.

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The Committee again decided to adopt the system of dividing

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but by solution in boiling alcohol and slow evaporation they maybe

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complete collection of allyntemal organs with a clear demonstration

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