and fierce epidemic. Of course domesticated animals
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had one been as careful as Dr. Goodale was to exam
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very tractable if it is dealt with early enough and the
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Between the fifth and eighth days of the eruption the temjierature be
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transplanted and not removed there is no atrophy and pregnancy
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impossible and treated them as the pious dreams of mere theoretical
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temperature by baths and the like makes it worse as do strained postures
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cases of simple bowel catarrh of acute or chronic nature. We saw
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authorities j it began where they left off inside houses which unless
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cularity helps to explain the chief incidence of these thrombotic lesions upon
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tient had been obliged to get up from six to twelve
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have preceded this operation need rrot affect its re
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iiasal tvning to bis voice. For the objective symptoms ire niay kIb
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the course of the disease. The quantity of albumin varied
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worst scourges of the human race. He could remember
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direct action on the nervous structures and finally proving
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l Uirth of July casualties and another journal editorial
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tingency it is only by digital examination that the point of origin of
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The patient probably confesses he likes sardines so without his becoming
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to be considered in the purchase of copra which has suffered from the
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available. On request like information could be readily secured for
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bitch was distinctly thin. She drank often and copiously sometimes
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of public libraries are a grave source of infection.
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than suicide 34 whooping cough 2 all other causes 116.
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pain is experienced t. e. the nerves have been pressed
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are prevalent. No outbreak of yellow fever has occurred in the Colony
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ischium to the ilio pectineal line is much shortened. There is a great
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precincts of the crypts then we are not warranted in re
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colic may be referred downward into the right lower quadrant
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Still more however is this due to the difficulty of my subject for
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themselves in languages familiar to the investigators. It must
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Onions. Sherley Dare in answering correspondents through the Blade House
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adjustment of the fracture aud it was of importauco to
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The process is relatively painless and is often accompanied by
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the breech pin of a gun from the nose orbit and cranium. The
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been produced the upper limbs were sdso much affected and there was con.
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be mixed with baked flour and Schlitz Malt Tonic. This tonic would
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the increasing favour of the open method of treating
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phthisis in such circumstances to laceration or contusion of the lung and
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