from frequent attacks of Stokes Adams syndrome. In our own
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Remarks in rei ard to their 7 se. The habitual employment of
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ptoms due to a simple collection of pus in the sinuses. The teeth
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it is a moot point whether the conclusions drawn from bony
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mand reports of sick and wounded statistics and sanitary reports.
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pathology are concerned these cases do not differ from
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solution profoundly modify its action. After precipitation with
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animal to a dry and comfortable situation. Bleeding should then be
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making a boat and floating it. In after life he had a
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The hearing test was normal and equilibration tests showed
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the general venous system but dropsy oedema and inflammation of
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that the fick Patient might fenfibly perceive and rfity books
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dentally received in examining or dissecting the dead body
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muscle of either party s arm and about them both an alpha
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of the heart and urine. Pressure effusions from neo
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Luxation of the crico arytaenoid joint is sometimes observed. Permanent
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Observations on the Microfilaria of Filaria bancrofti. William L. McFarland 187
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remarkable but it is in no way incompatible with what is
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heat. Certairt important business contained in it made it
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suns have countless hecatombs of human victims to attest their
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supplied to the tables of the officials will be found
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blood diseases in South Africa require in their cycle of develop
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rhage in the stomach may be in the first place rup
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disease was of nervous origin at the same time admitting emanations from
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States of America an otticial report priuteJ at the Govern
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exsanguination is no contraindication to giving ether as it is
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rum ac praesertim Valentinianorum erroribus de quibus jam satis
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cording to the amount of blood lost Hemorrhage of the first
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blisters blood letting setons issues heroic doses of mercury and
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troyed sensibility in the part by the local applica
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a simple mechanical cause the life of a valued fellow creature was
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iodoform gauze splint applied. Later October Isti deformitv
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towards natural cure. It occurs more commonly in persons
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acutely developing cases in dogs may result fatally within twenty four
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histories of patients with this complaint a measure
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that there was something wrong with the lock. That such
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Homicidal strangulation may be accomplished by the powerful hand of the
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strong and well. She has enlarged axillary glands. Two years
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tion of this principle in the case of a woman admitted under
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uterus at the time of publication there had been no return. Schlagen
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First the methods of historical critics which have proved suc
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nape of the neck twisting their ends together until the
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through the restless energy of the gynecologist a rather pleas
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and conjugate deviation of eyes towards the opposite side
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lieves in a case of the magnitude of the one here re
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There were several natives of Indiana who attained prominence in the
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Autoi sy eighteen hours after death. The abdomen was considerably dis
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destined to be dispelled that the sensuous disgust attendant on
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This disease known commonly also as hog cholera purple blue
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are beginning to be seen double and the number of degrees
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which the clot becomes lodged in the left middle cerebral artery. Owing
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The same obligation falls upon us as a corporate body and this
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cases have been considered in which the diagnosis was made by
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patient can swallow solid food and no liquids and at other times
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examined the glands at the groin were found swollen above and below
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the auswer to the hrst part of the question was in the negative
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ful of LupuUn the dose six to ten grains. Tinct of Lnpulin
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are carrying out investigations in the laboratories.
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either of these undesirable complications. The method has been tried
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Indiana. The indenture law of 1803 for the purpose of introducing
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constricted and swollen so that the prepuce cannot be replaced.
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and Chirurgical Society of London. Volume the Fourth
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deparlmentof the East and will proceed to San Francisco Cal. for
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or an otorrhoea may follow etc. The lymph is usually held respon
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systolic murmurs is to be sought in the majority of cases in
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natients brought to the speciaUst for consultation and operation
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The only way in which a man can retire on a fortune
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