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a modification of the ju.stly celebrated Blaudspill

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and should more particularly if cough develops lead to a careful examina

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from developing into the group termed incorrigibles the group cared

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Of clinical and practical importance are the results

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forms than it was ever held to be before the days of

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intensely bitter taste c. The very sparing solubility in water.

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of superficial necrotic cells and in the vessels of the sub

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Becured by this method and secondly to the avoidance of irritation and

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mortem report should an autopsy have been performed.

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services of public vaccinators free of charge irrespective

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results from lack of power or defective balance. It is said that

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days. They generally travelled via Vienna to Strass

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laws have been passed prohibiting the importation of such food and even

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one of the best that can be devised. There are very few cases

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explains that actions of this character have in recent years

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most difficult problem presented by the pneumonia cases. It was soon

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described as pustule d Alep 1829 the endemic ulcer which has

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skin. There is no difficulty in showing that the greater

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doses of the antigen e.g. one hundredth cubic centimeter injected into sensitized

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expense of the face and the assumption of the erect atti

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cause such transudations. Take for instance the extravasations in pur

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to reveal the presence of the tubercle bacillus. This

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another. Consequently at the opening of the century an

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case was one in whicli the council did not consider they sliould

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one in which they have lived and striven so long and so well

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possibly a distinct line of ana 8thesia marking the upper boundary of motor

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tomed to a high proteid and full flesh dietary sec

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War he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the

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in biliary colic are possibly pre existent in these patients.

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of these parasites. Besides the local various reflex phenomena are

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bra or at the very most to the middle of it. The lumbar

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in easy circumstances. Unquestionably Chittenden s work has shown

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sensitive. The above statements may be summarised as follows 83

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has been emptied by an emetic. In aoigina pectoris immediately after a

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establish putrefactive changes which cannot fail to exert a

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The Action of Quinidine. In considering the action of quinidine

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