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no wonder for every blood vessel in the body is not only

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into which the natural mydriatics might be divided physiolog

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creases the discomfort of the patient. Under these circum

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of the hospital in Calais which is under the patronage ol

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possibly both of these suggestions we are indebted I believe to Dr.

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Madras together with some observations on its habits. Indian Jl.

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to a second higher court and thus months or years more pass

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intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of neosalvarsan and its sub

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among the counties by the chairman of the National committee as he

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duced a pair of forceps and succeeded in grasping and withdraw

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solution soon evaporates off leaving a thin protec

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toudi each other or to sqnecao tbo osdcmatous nval between thifc

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two and a half months ago and suffered severe pain in

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has been to produce abortion. In GermaUy there are many

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evident for in a letter to the Rev. Dr. Worthington of December

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lating hot air furnaces as one would avoid a man with smallpox.

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ture ranges about 85 almost chilly when we think of our.00 summer.

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surger was enacted by the General Assembly of New York

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The presence of cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation or of marked

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spine or backbone a cartilaginous substance without any

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In the remaining cases reported by Conrvoisier the histories do

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Those who work them up merchants and milliners those above all

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involving an unjustifiable risk of shortening or nonunion

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until after an illness or some protracted nervous strain.

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turbance may be either caused or increased by this influence. Fur

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presence and situation of a mediastinal growth or tumour which does

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perience of ten years as a pharmacist nearly four of

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inflammation of that membrane or by the presence of infectious micro

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This was done and Dr. Lane became Professor of Physiology and Dr.

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eligible candidates for appointment as physicians male

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nemo physicus obscurus Ille vero nimis etiam obscurus Euphorion.

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B. H. KiDDRR medical director ordered to report to chur

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Traite cUnique et pratique des Operations Chirurgicales ou

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somewhat fleshy root with a simple erect rough stem eight or

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cases of different forms of primary renal disease which died.

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drews Aberdeen has Keen lilted by the election of Dr.

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develop in the stomach and excite inllammation. One of the most remark

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dietary for the time. Intravascular tension should be brought to

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the possibility of vertebral disease in spite of the absence of all curvatures.

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some cases there may be a little instability of mind or

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stimulates the muscles producing a local as well as

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cosis or by the administration of large doses of chloral hydrate

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reached then the knife is turned so as to cut horizontally till it

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Without attempting to control the legislatures of 1913 and 1915

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is best divided into inert and living dust bacteria and

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by epistaxis or lastly from unassigned causes such as inherited or

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Spallanzani Lazaro On the Natural History of Animals and Vegetables

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The next semi annual meeting of the Mitchell District Medical Society

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two hours after inoculation. The other two rats died shortly

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insane at time of commitment of crime and the insane con

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invariable occurring regularly in case after case whether

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if the gentlemen occupying this position will send him their names

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shortening decreases as time goes on and in one case

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currents occur to the best advantage over the land at the hottest

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ter of course. That is the expected thing. Well meaning

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The processes of recovery were the reverse of those

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who report them so that steps may be taken to prevent

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noissances into the realm of unknown facts and of unrecognized ideas

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philosopher should be no swearer for an oath which is the

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as the nature or importance of the case may warrant AR 40 2235.

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of our large cities at which the same subject morbus cox

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History of frequent attacks of tonsillitis. Probable onset three

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termed is in all respects identical with the cystin obtained

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out. About half of tragacanth consists also of a soluble

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thoracic wall a tumour growing inwards from the periosteum covering

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of entirely normal dimensions with distinct nuclei and nucleoli some colorless some

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not selected for permanent commissions will pass iuto the

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plished in early childhood. Thus an infant may be rendered suscept

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monia. Mixed infection being the rule more than one

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chicken or spinach but sensitisation to foods other than those already

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ter of course. That is the expected thing. Well meaning

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cerned in the production of eye inflammations 99 Robb H.

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of the mons veneris presenting a t qDical picture of dystrophy

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make the mistake of refering the convulsions to an innocent

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to the optimum of in breeding beginning with the possibility

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tween the patient s legs a position which certainly

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This work has been carried out mainly with the haemolysin of the

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omentum found gangrenous ligatured. Knuckle of small intestine gangrenous.

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renal di.sease the counter irritation should be over the

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tumor was thought of before the operation last July. The absence

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pathological lesions in rheumatoid arthritic. Painter

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was to be seen on the calves there was no glandular enlargement nor

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During respiration part of the oxygen of the air is taken up

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England be became a promiDent physician at the London Feva

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Ass t. Prof. Moyer considers these two conditions in the

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Ave have already considered. Tetanus diphtheria erysi elas and pneu

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form of phlebitis itself. Although more frequent in middle and later

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circulating fluids as to develop that habit of body

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star shaped and pierced in the centre Avith several

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Emmenologia in qua Suxu mnliebris menstrm pba nomena

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of the mesenteric blood vessels with reports of esses 662 663.

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changes were entirely wanting. I shall not attempt to give any points

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While I have felt justified iu speaking with greater

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