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tilated stall preferably a maternity stall with cement floor and
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Dr. William Stokes bacteriologist for the State of Mary
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observation excited little attention at the time it lived in
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In Horse No solid food allowed warm water in moderation. At
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often a relationship between previously existing in
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the method of administering anesthetics in our large
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after repeated atropization we obtain the effect of large doses of atropine
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nicke and Ziehen the latter with an especially hopeful attitude
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to a recent report by Mr. Crowfoot the health officer
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chronic phantom tumor and idiopathic dilatation of the
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and allotted one of the regular sessions of the Port
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the pertinent facts in logical order. Special attention
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are concerned in consciousness are utilized also to carry
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discharged after six weeks. At time of discharge her blood pressure
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are the various glands by which the tears bile urine perfpiration
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the evidence to establish it was very strong. Dr. Sel
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put appendicitis on the pathological map John S. Billings the creator
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lished Blue Hill Observatory 1885 American Member of International Jury of
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signs of endocarditis led at first to the opinion that the
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Cranial Bones Dura Mater Sinuses Arachnoid Pia Mater Normal.
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he only referred to the greater ease with which the
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broiled lamb chops after dinner a cup of chamomile tea.
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from the kidney urines carried out by three examiners one of whom
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has reported a remarkable c ase in a girl aged 6 who had
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higher position. After treatment the heart lies lower and the cardio hepatic
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General Ana sthesia. The method of general anaesthesia by
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if the bstin diUd imo reoorcHng tltcn we commcnoe gnuhuiUy
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portal circulatory obstructions. This is also true of the patient with
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you may vfe phlebotomy either vnder the tongue on the
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days. Von Neuner reports that nearly half the number
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an increase in tolerance as more chronic lesions were produced. Of
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condition of mental imbeciHty as evidenced by incapacity for sus
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Model Scheme A issued by the Commissioners provided
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i iven to eases of enehondroma or other osseous degenerations of
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opened and the gallbladder was found completely surrounded
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kaolin for sores excoriations and eczema especially when
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clear up in three or four days but others go on for weeks.
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amidopurines guanine and adenine are converted into the
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years later In his account of the skin lesion of the palms and
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ulating and presenting clearly and carefully so much of the best
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small pox virus. With the virus from these cases he con
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what greater pressure and consequently more nearly equal melting
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stitution which shall resist the infection of small
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of the method which he had found most serviceable for
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medical course to four years but the change will not
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affects the arterioles of the body everywhere alike. At
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antipneumococcus serum caused an agglutination of the pneumo
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and working regularly without discomfort. The swelling had now
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additional horses are charged for at the rate of los. 6d. about
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theatre and two years later Robert Eliot was appointed
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articles of diet. Its universal use on all occasions and
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the inferior frontal sulcus the pre central sulcus continues half way
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Unity which before the Act paid sickness benefit when a
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measure of relief from these intolerable conditions
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lecovery and passive movement of the joints was prac
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in Alaska is insufficient and poor in quality. Beans and bacon
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glands. The lymphatics of the prepuce arise in a very
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benefits of the first aid to the injured system in the
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the scleotiou of cases for quinidine treatment but by
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posttraumatic malaria are quite familiar to us. The articular
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cion should he aroused when there are recurrent attacks
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branes by cilia in the lungs and respiratory passages by coughing
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the blood and pick out the malarial organism and destroy it leaving all
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tial peripheral irritants in connection with the sexual organs. Intense
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described as pustule d Alep 1829 the endemic ulcer which has
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four a. m. The treatments have given her very great re
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fome tinie in the fituation mentioned above they arc
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fusion and reproduced the disease experimentally in cats. In 1890 I
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antibody of some kind. But there is one curious feature in the
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Furber F. B. An outline of the methods used in the Bureau of
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without influence. A further series of influences do not act at
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Mary L. Johnson class of 1896 graduation in the states of Ala
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lobules from the interlobular to the central or intralobular veins
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and blood with the preface of Zach. Wood and J. de Back
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whilst the reverse occurred with the contrary conditions. Hence the
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minds that if we could bring something in contact with
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alteration of the thyroid is always present. In endemic cretinism
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more severe the intoxication the greater the amounts of free organic
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was seldom necessary. One measure that is probably not suffi
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increase of vermin and increase of debility by mutual

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