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more fatal than in the two preceding years and caused 193 deaths.

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Ward No. 1 constitutes the oplithalniological and nose and throat

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concealed in the body many weeks or even months without pro

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exudations from plants containing various propoHions

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stain. Corper also reported that these dyes when administered to tuberculous

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service would include advice of consultants and some

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at once is transformed into an erosion. Menzel believes

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incontinence frequently go together even without nocturnal epileptic

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There was in this case also an acute diphtheritic chole

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fit of others who are interested in the sterilization

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agreeable cramped feeling we have imagined a horse to experience

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Drozdowski Garrod and IMader each reported cases of per

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Wiseman describes several varieties of ulcers The simple ulcer

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Causes. A predisposition to the affection occurs in the weak

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touched Mice caught in a trap and who conveyed the disease to the

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peratures in dry weather by their coat of hair fur wool or

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kofer s successor with the rank of ordinary professor.

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All of these complications are as a rule less noticeable during the second

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Comte s actual attempt at a religion of humanity. In England

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tained in peace practice see also report in last issue by Major

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be active toxic opsonic or bacterial or passive antitoxic.

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seneral condition of the patient and the state of tne systemic circulatic

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in radiography is desired a fine focus is employed and in

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I ordered a tablespoonful of turpentine to be given at once

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is probable that this injection rendered her even after

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veins of the hand and acts as a diverticulum for the superabundant

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