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and abroad for the same period subject to the same correction for invaliding.

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followed the arrival of Florence Nightingale and her band of

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The differential diagnosis between senility and the effects of trauma

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factorily were these with a mixture of glucose and pseudo

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about its brim. The operation requires two sittings. The first

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power and the degree of alkalinity of the juice were ascertained.

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X. Figure showing graphically the steam pressure gauge readings of tests

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behalf of the Chatard family to present to the Baltimore City

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among the living many thoughtful people to day prefer to

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points being felt as one on the palmar surface of the

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whilst it is accompanied by little or no depression of tlie

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ation I select a few examples first of the development of words from

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effect on the urine can scarcely be appreciated but it is

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a temporary dislocation at tlie point of insertion the palatine ten

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Both in home and in factory there lurks the possibility of tuberculous

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conserving protein attention may be called to the inter

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effect was noted after employing this dose on three separate

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past few months. Such lack of independence such moronic in

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of such disturbance I can not sa3 though certainly the3 were

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The following experiments which I have made throw some

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thalmos and tachycardia pulse 130 temperature 99 2 tremor

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of the constricting exudate being best promoted l y this procedure. In

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and are thrown off and the walls become swollen by infiltration with

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ously had shown this association which was also inde

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The physiologic and therapeutic effects of radium appear to be

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and mental science and led to a new formulation of their problems.

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They may come directly from morbid changes in the blood causing rapid

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Sophocles says What good man is not his own friend Young

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proposed to substitute for the unmeaning term sympathetic nervous

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