distinct increase as compared with the previous November. A scrutiny

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caded with curtains window shutters and closed doors ex

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the palsy is flaccid. This temporary flaccidity which is later

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cussion when present is evidence of some kind of consolida

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as 108 cases are said to have been reported in a single

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were necessarily obtained by transfer from the line. Only 202 mem

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these separate observers. Beyer has been very careful to

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enlarged. If tbc band bo laid upon tfao thyrcMd gUnd or the ftctV

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mobile retaining its original place with great tenacity even when

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business proposition. They think that eyery physician feels

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follow and it is very rare and very difficult for a

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been made and at a request from Washington a complete set has been

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tape extending from the center to the circumference after

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kind of a rhyme such as Ilorsey porsy Piggy wiggy Georgy

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patient in the mean time being comparatively free of eruj tion. llelapses

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bcpatic i eesels from the coolnoting connective tissae or by tbe ot

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supposed to be antidotal to micro organisms or their products when given

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colony to join the D.S. and Medical Officials Association

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attempts to influence opinion for its clumsiness and

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If a perforation cannot be seen its presence may be proved by the

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Riddle O. 1918 A case of hereditary ataxia in pigeons. Proceedings

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These clonic contractions may come on without warning or be pre

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demne lt i as all wines of pepsin and those containing pepsin and

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pharyngitis and various pyogenic infections of the nose

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or pressure. More rarely this form of simple atrophy succeeds a papillitis

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decade in this country alone had it not been for the conservatism

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back and limbs in large joints. Irritability of stomach tenderness on

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years are unanimous in reference to its equal frequency

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were controlled by compresses of oil of turpentine. In

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microscopical preparations of the lesions. In many cases

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the spring of 1899. A number of Indiana soldiers were engaged in the

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moderately filled with fluid blood. Endocardium smooth. Valves

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while aortic and pulmonary stensosis are basal. Of course

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diminish the authority of the physician ahd render him lia

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