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produced the substance and after experimenting upon animals advocated
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HAnOHToN Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. Dublin Quart
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extension to the thickness of the plaster over the site
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for the purposes of the general practitioner or for the col
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permits the passage of a jaw a semi lenticular body
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fered from the disease or by inoculation of blood serum
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marked into spaco of one inch each equivalent to about
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force and character. When blood has been drawn for experiment
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NARCOSIS and ANAESTHESIA should be used in place of general
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better not to make use of any antiseptics whatever bat to rely
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Pungent sialagogues have been used to allay toothache
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septum. One of the most striking examples of the contagiousness of
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him. This consisted of digesting the sputa with an artificial
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useful. She divided her subject into materia medica and thera
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mercy of the ravi slier carnal intercourse is regarded as rape.
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planters of South Carolina as soon as they perceive
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While under treatment he developed delusions of persecution
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be dipped as cattle the cattle must collect the ticks and bring
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depths. Sometimes the hocks alone are in the canal the body of the
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the heart. The abdominal viscera with the exception of incipient
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shall provide programs of instruction and training in
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after an abnormal parturition and to a time when the symptoms of
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enjoyed the privilege of extra territoriality that is to say they
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although the problems which are of most physiological importance
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nected with profuse sweating so common in all hot climates.
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other but they are produced in different ways and they can
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i Ter we are called to treat a case of nervous prostration chronic
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in the th sToid. Because it was believed that this condition was due
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invenisse veritatem. Apostolos enim admiscuisse ea quae sunt legalia
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ounces a day in the treatment of severe cases of the
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anywhere else along the river. After the boy s ill
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Logic and order are preserved in some part or parts of
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and visitors and a stereograph invented by Prof Broca of Paris for
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After examining the case thoroughly I advised removal of the right
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telce um and different salts as chlorides of potas
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ease particular odours acting differently in differ
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cause the different members happen to live in the same
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to initiate and carry on this work by her forceful charming
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impulses as being of a stimulating character. Dr. Thom
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enlarged service for the control of venereal diseases.
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The prognosis in cases of poisoning by the bichlorid of mercury
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of septic infection of the peritoneal cavity viz distended and
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available to build an extension to the medical school
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an important influence upon tetanus but not to the same extent
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metabolism 1892 95 and the treatment of the same 1909. ffis
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dition lasted about three minutes when he regained consciousness.
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Univer.sity of London. Another welcome development in
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right which on the following day felt painful some red
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a portion of the quinine is absorbed. There is no ground for fearing
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re 100 Fahr. November 29th. The instrument was removed
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sprang but as a component part of the sacred book of Christianity
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there is a protracted continued fever of several weeks duration which
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ments by eminent American specialists and teachers under J he general
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breathing which follows the division of the nerves higher up. Apart from
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to the presence of this vigorous bacillus robs the proteid ingesta of
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month apparently in perfect health. Two weeks later
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chosen as it is very susceptible to tuberculosis. In practice
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population and therefore disease is concentrated within a limited
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previously been held as homogeneoas and the differences
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markable differences. The antimony is deposited close to the point
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ears but nothing like the symptoms of collapse so often
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mediocre oracles of the Council of Pharmacy and Chemis
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serpent which gives rise to the term Basilica applied
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moval of tonsils and adenoids by the laryngologist
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further reduced the mass till the caecum was reached.
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during the day it clears vision wonderfully. Keep the glass
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vous force lowering agents to be avoided whilst stimulants and cold
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nervous troubles but no feigned insanity with possibly one exception.
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showing that the inside of the skull corresponds in
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provocation or without provocation emit a string of sounds that convey no
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The penchant for depending upon the use of arsenicals
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the healthy mental standard would not be much noticed if the
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typhoid fever and the avoidance of all those conditions such as bad

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