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ative Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis with a re

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Canton a large death rate resembles a clearance sale in a

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crease our technique for the prevention of trauma or other

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Various degenerations and scleroses have been noted in the peripheral

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last are nearly as long as they are broad. Genital pores single and

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prognosis depends on the prognosis of the hysteria. While the

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attributed the change of colour in the blood during its course

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implication that is found engrafted upon the progres

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testine and sutured to the skin outside the anus. This

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stantly applied that he appeared half drowned and collapsed. Notwithstand

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for fear of chaining your patient to a soul destroy

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soldiers themselves had formed a theory of their own i.e. that

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themselves he complained of general debility accompanied by numbness and

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deep the cervical canal is dilated the uterine cav

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cerebro spinal sphere. In any case and for the person with the

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certain parts and chemical and bacteriological examinations

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evident as a saccular protrusion of variable size. De

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quently affected with aneurysmal dilatation leading eventually to apo

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pubescent stems two or three feet high and strongly winged by the

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of the milk ducts and enter the milk as it is drawn.

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pronunciation finally some pretend to indicate the etymology.

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outward wretchedness many of them are impostors as they have sums of

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the annual expenditure of 1000 Guineas your Hall once repaired

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infection or the thrombi may be situated in the inferior hemorrhoidal

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case in which a suppurating inguinal bubo had proved refractory to surgical

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Defence Force. April 15th 1921. Vepnty Assistant Director of Medical

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an attack of pain which he attributed to indigestion.

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legislation and an educational campaign. A more summary

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vents the too ready absorption into the system of deleterious

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elwidd be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgi

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What is the relation of this cultivable diphtheroid to the ap

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capacity of plasma when no precautions have been taken to prevent

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visiting anito may be offended by failure to receive his regular gift. The

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ous case replete with interest. The exaggerated statement which has

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there was presentation of the intestines at the up

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By watching the chart and observing first its character

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The Antagonistic Action of Mouth Bacteria. The question

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incipient cases would include the new cases which arise

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lagra investigation and the towns of Durham and Raleigh

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turljinated bones. Thirty one patients suffered with

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duced. There was unconsciousness seeming recovery and

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sausage or turban like body several times its normal size lying across

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viscera can be determined only by opening the abdomen and as

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a red is a reliable sign of virulence in the culture.

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of multipara to whom we had given opium to secure rest

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bye had a fatal attack of pulmonary embolism dying almost

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practical of subjects. On another hand it is claimed by high au

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as the nature or importance of the case may warrant AR 40 2235.

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produces it exclnsively in the young aged from two to

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considerably projecting below the ribs. The area of hepatic dullness

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The reader will see that these wings above the basement are built in

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faudrait donner a I organisme une quantite d hydrates de carbone

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the testicles had been removed. Atrophy of the testicles extreme

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But if yon may be liberal in the variety of foods and drinks

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atheroma of all exposed arteries of the body were the

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past year this treatment has been applied to seventy cases of sciatica and

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abraded surface and gently rubbed in unnecessary irritation being

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risburg by the State Printer 1914. This official document of

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remedies and some not. In the early stages he did not

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more typical of skin senility. Like all rodent ulcers they are more

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convey it into the throat or lungs or stomach causing death

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In severe cases the ammoniacal blister may be applied as given on

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physical test 27 were excused in 1911 in 7 the disability was regarded

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measurements taken from local schools and colleges

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skin. A 2 per cent solution in normal saline is injected

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lent towards guinea pigs which is not true. The term

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shows that there is probably in these cases at least some anomaly in

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contrary to general expectation won in three straight heats in 2 m.

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the habit of not too long duration and the accustomed dose a small

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illness of the first and succeeding cases or cases and only

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dissected out and in it skin grafts should be placed.

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bacilli however growing on culture from one cubic centimetre

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nomenon wa s elicited in both feet. Ten days later the evidences

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cells to remain in contact with a solution of toxiu during

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The rib cartilages being divided and the wound retracted the margin of the

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signs we must remember that obstruction can take place

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tilated shelter the organic emanations permeate and adhere

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Draft Regulations framed by the General Nursing Council for

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that eueri 3eer thei be newe presentid amp chargid as ordinauwce

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tion caused by an alteration in the surface tension

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In 1859 according to Straub the number of Sheep affected in the

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Kesearch have investigated it experimentally with results

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bony cavities about the mouth such as pulpitis this treat

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even if the sutured gall bladder should not hold. I

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thus in 1901 the temperature was below whilst the sunshint

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So that their playtime is not wasted but is indeed a wise amusing

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After another year had passed he suffered a relapse at his home

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