l resence of sphincter muscles at the branching of the ducts and

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be given in peritonitis unless guarded by atropia. It

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shame and crime for sex. He will leave his happy home

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of these 121 cases 102 were operated before the injec

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particularly difficult but extreme care is necessary in pro

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is not forbidden during pregnancy but is under the guidance of a definite

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Xo. GO p. i43 emphasizes the law of the heart which postulates

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amount of intestinal wall removed the better provided only that

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Is a steady progression from wartime research 1942 44 into cures

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The second division of the book is devoted to gynaecology and is in

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Sciences. Is bacteriology not an eminently useful science Has it

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Laeket le Baron Hippolyte. Mutilation des Organes Genitalis

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your meaning nor can I easily believe that you had your

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The following constitute the Faculty of the Medical

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supposed such cerebrally defective persons are most inclined

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Following Tissot and during the next half century 1803 to 1851 Maisson

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the pulse slow and sluggish the excretions commonly diminLshed.

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rondacks are the best known in this country. The Adirondack cure has

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masses of bacilli which come from the affected portions

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perforation are apparent. In such cuses fulminating as

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travenous injections of homologous blood were given twice

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should confine our remarks to ununited fracture in the leg

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culo ventricular ring by a greater interval which is occupied

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that of the Rabbit yet it may be provisionally admitted that it is

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Sixons the Dutch aud the Germans. The really valuable

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treated six of his phthisical patients by corrosive

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In changing climate the individual must be studied from every stand

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dications of treatment were I. To relieve the stomach by rest cold

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percentage 84 per cent. was higher than normal whereas the small

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duct of abnormal cheraic changes in the bile but are due to

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Colonel Callender agreed with the suggestion that freedom

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Achenia numerous in a head bearing the persistent styles mostly as

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present the mournful proofs that the case is one of acute pneumonic

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scanty and contained albumin but no casts. Treatment which

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