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sion with liquor potass and solutions of ferrous and of ferric

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dren in our public schools should be taught the value

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firms should be instructed to embody all the best points iu

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Full and careful reports should also be required of these cases.

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traumatism the muscular fibres of the heart. With re

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stage of pustulation being reached a chill having pre

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swallowed will probably cause death and so might boil

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curic iodide are used as surgical dressings. Superfatted soap

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fluence which induces the change is lo care is exercised in the postoperative

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in the acute infectious diseases like diphtheria and erysipelas or in the

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and decrease the reverse. When there is a decrease of the bicarbonate of

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stations abroad during the period from i860 to 1878.

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common until gradually the doctor with saddle bags merged into the

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antidysentery variety being named Bacteriophagum intestinale. By means

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logical processes leading to the development of the

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tities of undigestible material castor oil or calomel is advisable but is not

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alluded to one of his father s in which ossification had proceeded so

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especially for the Use of Students and General Practitioners.

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of tubercles in the internal organs has been much less extensive. A complete

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geon class to Chicago where they were instructed at the meat

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Mrs. Clarke the lady whose mamma I removed in January last en

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which allows them to puncture with force. The most celebrated is the

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The chief indication is to study the cardiac action and to endeavour to

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milk maj contain tubercle bacilli first in beginning

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salol naphthol boric acid.salicylate of.soda or solution of

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The medicinal ingredients of the pill should be accurately mixed

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The surgical importance of these cases is sufficiently

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ing amebas. In one case in Manila showing the symp

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washing out the peritonaeum have also been practised. In the ascites

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typhoid. If the command is suffering from an epidemic

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finer adjustment with special reference to the hand aud

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