than three minims should be used as it is certain that this narcotic

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pain is experienced t. e. the nerves have been pressed

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ficient to allow that aneurism may be a cause of paralysis it is

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the window of which he daily exposed his penis to them in a

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read in percentages but all in grams of hemoglobin per

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Charles I. Blake M.D Professor of Diseases of Rectum and Colon

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tagion to the nurse. If such an infection occurs the

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furhsin for two nunutes gently heating. Wash thoroughly in water

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the brain abscesses the meningeal exudate the heart s blood

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are absolutely distinct. There are variations and combinations

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off with a sharp instrument. The fluid so prepared was administered

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or contests for which just these attributes are essen

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convulsions in a first pregnancy during a protract

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pulmonary tuberculosis fever not yielding to quinine

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The subject will be considered in the following order Anatomy

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their relative immunity from disease was not due to

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Symptoms It comes on insidiously. Whether the patient has been ill

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to be somewhat lower than the temperature closer to

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given night and morning. The medicine to be continued until the

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The admissions to sick report during 1914 show a satisfactory

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the remarkable disparity that exists between the energy of the heart s action

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purely serous but cultivations from the liquid first obtained showed

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covered. Dr. Gait of Virginia reported in 1842 an equal result and

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As regards medicinal treatment a mixture of iodide of potassium

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strong irritation will start the disease. Such an irritation is

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in 16 cases according to clinical observation. In 6

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in the evacuation of peccant humors. In Italy where the func

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We find in the records of other cases that the patients have

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due to pregnancy of which symptoms the lady was free.

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waters are mildly alkaline containing traces of silica

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absence of the stimulant to return to its former level when

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the seal. If it be inherited at all it must be from

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