thrombosis of the central vessels. 9 Optic nerve. Optic
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the child is unaffected again the larger proportion of women
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new cases or old professional offenders. Rough treatment is
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tive of animal life. It has however been unreservedly translated by the
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great mass of Belgian refugees ought to be especially
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all it embarrasses and sometimes interferes with the
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rubbed in over the enlarged gland over a warm fire and
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pect to find unless the hemorrhage was abundant in addition
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impossible to detect any difference between the two sides and the cure
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fissure fracture sliould be considered in determining the
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Snch a view does not entirely exclude the increase of body temperature
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poisonous substances combine as arsenious acid with copper or
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when his accommodation is suspended is the measure of his myopia.
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led him to express many opinions that would appear very
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to extraneous irritation and that extension beyond this
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order to separate the husks and bran and is finally
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otlierwise ignorant by the list of text books recommended to
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completely filled with a coagulum. Corpus striatum and thalamus opticus on this
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There is no point in the comparison between oxen and horses which
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by dilatation of the veins and tumefaction and inflammation of the
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and fiomachic and will be found to anfwer all the purpofes
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Other attendant lesions in the eyes in the skin the muscles the
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The activity of the alveolar lymphatics is shewn by the rapid
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description of the two types of the disease belongs therefore to the
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due to failure in function of the nervous system arc in
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known as the magnetic field. If a magnetizable substance
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All of this is true yet the nose is not all important.
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You ll still he a part of our lives that we cherish.
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as playing a double part in conducting the force of the
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was reduced in five days to half that quantity. A diabetic passing eleven
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Yvas decided by a body well qualified to deal wilh metlical
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of iht exanthemata notably measles and whooping cough. It is inti
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tory although they could not be followed up for long in view
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are often of sufficient size to block the tubal on
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through multiperforate septa are closely applicable to the herb
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eijual in extent and duration to that caused by cocain.
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presence of pellagra Slomoxys calcitmns Musca domestica and midges
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