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and rapidly this microbe accomplishes its work when the normal resisting

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entirely be dispensed with. This could be determined just as well

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women diseases of the pelvic organs form so considerable a proportion of

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the disease would spread from Bombay as from the apex of a fan.

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right side. 2 A pericardial exudation or a pneumo pericardium very

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rhotic kidney the kidney of interstitial nephritis. Objec

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two hours until the animal gets relief. Now always remember in

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is not definitely established but this is no longer a

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impossible to imagine that he ever made an enemy. He

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but often remarkable for a collarette of dirty whitish

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Dr. McCready thinks such cases are generally complicated with uraemia

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which furnishes most of the literature of scorbutus in

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relieve thirst a saline injection was given by rectum.

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by an atrophied appearance of the disc there is a wonderfully complete

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sity of Wisconsin and now we are to lose Barker most

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for the moderate increases of weight in the animals

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plan than is generally the case elsewhere. Acne for instance

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not all be attributed to chloroform for one change in

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ground into the dust by the feet and the dust floats up into

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currents to the spinal region and irritation of the peripheral nerves. It is

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pected and in excess of that which obtained last year.

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The course of twelve.r ray treatments commenced on May 6th

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closing process at the extremities of the veins or anywhere that

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stoma are sometimes found in the stomach the former produc

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among its hosts of which three species are spontaneously infested by

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legislation. The question of disinfection should no

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ing its action in this class of cases. In regard to the

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structed to assist in loading. Each truck will carry twenty men. Motor

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Gamper to conclude that two lesions occurred as the centers affected

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mouth. The results in typical cases of gummatous destruction

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projection in the middle line behind the bladder. This patient said that

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is reported to have died at sixty nine. Various depressing moral emo

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rectum. He surrounds the divided extremities of the

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destined to be dispelled that the sensuous disgust attendant on

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running across its middle. Some cells are found in which

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cases is the strongest evidence that scientists are open

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my second case that of Mr. B. whose pulse showed reduced tension

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