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tonsil is separated throughout its entire course. This part of

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poisoning. By this time the potters had begun to work

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Commission has not made chloroform any safer for while it may

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readings were made. In this way a rise or fall in the pain

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my young hearers I say always endeavor to obtain post mortem ex

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thus lowering the tones of the arterial vessels widening the blood

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usually reaches the endocardium which then presents a mural thrombus

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and in whom syphilitic infection could be excluded was tested and

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Moat of CUT aubsctiberi both new and renewal prefer to take

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exclusively to the effect of opium not yet counteracted by

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pointless or barely mucronate carpels. No specimens found. A widely distrib

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septum. One of the most striking examples of the contagiousness of

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zwischen 20 30. In einer graphischen Darstellung die ich so

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For the heart and lungs the motor fibres probably leave the

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of the taste buds is most intimately connected with the growth

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acid and oil should first be mixed cautiously and on the mixture

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They are distinctive in style and function. No one of

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writing. Hughes says that these changes in the type of paresis

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any great size there is a discharge of dark coloured and of

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of any form appeared as a primary nialady. Such experience as he

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is cautei ization of the whole surface. The milder Avashes and injections

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ent lines and gives promise of great future usefulness. The pos

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to the section on gynecology which was presided over by the

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than in men in children because the controlling power of habit is only

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Osteopathies and consequently spontaneous fractures occur most

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constant reunion of a sufficient number of characters to establish

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culatory origin of toxic degenerative origin of inflammatory origin

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centre abolishes the voluntary movements yet leaves

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tunately left incomplete Griesinger speaks especially of two

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septic means employed do not in all cases prevent this.

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tial peripheral irritants in connection with the sexual organs. Intense

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would not endanger the life of the patient concerned. For disposi

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partly because the origin remains obscure. Those cases brought on

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was injured by pressure against the sharp edge of the

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pipes are laid the most special care should be taken as to

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and in these cases we have atelectasis of the apical

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disease. In the earliest stage congestion there is little appre

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quate to overcome the increase. It is not necessary

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lar resolution and no movements of any kind take place aU of the

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LONDON. COUNTY ASYLUM Horton. Tnnior Assistant Sixth

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Schreiber concludes that dyspnoea was not the cause of

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given to such seemingly simple terms as shore lake river

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suns have countless hecatombs of human victims to attest their

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interest that in Rome according to Varro there stood

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relative consent of the head of the family in which the

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by which the psychical processes above all ideas can influence function

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principal objection to it lt use as suture or ligatures is the

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disease may be regarded as a neurosis and may then be treated by

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Mr. Synar. In the meantime on September 20 Los Alamos

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that camps which were already opened were all right economically speak

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Volume VI page 241. Specimen 13363 hernia inguinal hernia strangulated in

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several parts of the heart auricles and ventricles

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times a day and bathe and rub with liniment each time the

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tion of 1 cm. shortening between the trochanter and external

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