experimental work was led to this same conclusion and in
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sweating of pigs is confined to the snout. Sheep are said to perspire
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province of the barber surgeon are largely practised
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onlv nrepared by me Lyonel Lockyer licensed physician and
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Italy are doing.sound business by following this policy.
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become known as the mother of medical teachers and since 213
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here indicated. An admirable illustration of such comparative studies
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for the treatment of mental disorders is a laboratory of itself where
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In such cases the intestines are matted together from the exuded
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down the pipe displacing the gas. Hence practical men have long tell it
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orrhage is the rule and not the exception. The wound is generally lacerated
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In cows infected during obstetrical manipulations in two
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spicuous is the proliferative interstitial reaction. The epithelium of the smaller air passages
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the exa einc stress of the work. It is to train such executive
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tion was recognized as being the promotion of medi
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gained access to his institution through a child who had been exposed
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Spinal anaesthesia has also distinct advantages over
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arranged in chronological order. 7 u6 in Evening Mail.
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observed areas in which the epithelium was enormously swollen so
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tion seemed of small value. A full and detailed account is
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except those already recited was disorientation or nausea a part of the
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i ranules and vacuoles and they may have a beaded appearance
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peritoneum although the projectile itself does not pene
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to the posture of the body as the collection of water increases
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condition of all the senses and of copying down as it were
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fceepe gooo o er ano gooo gouernetmnt foj fo tte oa c
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stimulant in fainting nervous headache vertigo suspended

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