a stall among other animals of the same or different species is more

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tion about this because there was a large quantity of fecal matter

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may be administered hypodermatically in the gluteal

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ill health began when he was twelve with a skin eruption lasting

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decade in this country alone had it not been for the conservatism

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Professor Thomas H. Huxley the distinguished scientist

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syphilis although frequently in its physical aspects it is hardly distinguish

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make colo mity fnotue tbe one is to put tye bottelles o tbe

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sponsible for the carelessness of an employee especially

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longer time than is the case at present but for i easons

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ing. The bovine is more virulent for all animals and

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define their notion of self evidence itself they cannot discriminate

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repeatedly remarked and described. Pitres attributed this appearance

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of the chief advantages of the outdoor life is that the processes of

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above mentioned causes would answer for thousands of victims from

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band of the operator between the outside of the back teeth

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necessarily places the gastrocnemius muscle in a condition of

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ously affected the posterior pillar had disappeared through

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Britain. To avoid the possibility of sterility Dr. Millard

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Hunter who reported that Miss S. had been taken ill quite suddenly

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In the author s experiments the eggs of C. lectularius survived

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is considered as belonging to the infectious diseases.

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osteotomy of the present time. In 1840 Carnochan first operated

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seventieth birthday will be celebrated to morrow night in New

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tive treatment have achieved their reputations. Out of

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up by the blood. May I cite carbon monoxide CO although it is

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the single exception of China India is the only country which has

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ment may now be withdrawn by means of a pipette and examined.

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sa disgrace. on 1 appelle a la cour le cornte lt le Lauzun.


polypharmacy the memory of which survives in our language in

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result of their oxidation reduction heat carbonic acid and water.

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of incubation that a whole herd may be infected almost before it is

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net well contrived for warmth fecurity or concealment. There

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