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what greater pressure and consequently more nearly equal melting

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ing extent nearly 4 inches from the pylorus a ring similarly intro

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estimated that 90 per cent of ths opium and c caine

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command is well in hand As soon as he learns the posi

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ticularly hoped that every society will give this imjiortaut matter

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ingredients. It occurs as a brittle brownish looking extract

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efforts at compensation. The subjects of congenital pulmonary stenosla

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have benefitted by the treatment. The results obtained in the treatment

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of the septula give off still more slender processes and the

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ing light instead of bringing refreshment and hope

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Pig. The gall ducts of a pig s liver in the Veterinary College

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accounted for by slight contraction of the pupil by a weak concave lens.

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results and concludes that Salvarsan will be found more efficient

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the child was better but this amelioration was only

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probably due to compression of the nerve between the fibula and the tense

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Many of the small vessels in the neighbourhood of the haemorrhage may

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the permanent members from that affiliated society

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and those which lt lo are surgica. However as my surgical

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reactions from morphine it is distinguished by the fact that if

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with long papilL e. The papillary layer ot connective tissue had dis

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harmful for us to adopt any one fixed formula because

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that the sea voyage home taken during the onset of the disease saved

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fection in typhoid fever must come from the medical

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of the disease there is so much photophobia and suffering that

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number of cases for instance the headache and neuralgia represent a pain

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