twentyyears must hare been nurprised at a retent dispute as to priority

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He appeared i resh and ate eagerly of the small bunch of hay

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profession and therefore unprofessional to give or to receive a com

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small flow of saliva which is characterized by its large

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especially stry chnine which excite or irritate the

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usual remark following arguments We will leave it to the

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patica triloba. Herbiv oroilS Herbiv orus F. Herhicore

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feeling of heaviness and malaise after eating sometimes

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foreign body above and below in two widely different

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the elaborate and well furnished structure is not tho most convenient

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to the SpirocUaeta pallida by Prolessor Ehrlich and on

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thought that if catgut not sufficiently long prepared were used as a

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concomitant inflammation and although tubercles in some respects

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silver impregnations nor v. Rath preparations give any indication

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and a scratch with the nail causes on it a vermillion streak. The

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ple but all the people. Stop talking about anarchy.

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as can be borne and is left on for about twenty minutes.

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thing conducive to successful sheep husbandry in truth wanting

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monary capillaries by a peculiar kind of embolism. But this

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visable to place him in a foster home imtil he should

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body and the development of other parts is a familiar fact. The

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convenience or social indulgences would violate Nature s laws

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and to point to the good work that many of the supet

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the Oriotel Hospital at Loughton in Essex. The treatment of the sick in

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mad itch cows with all the venereal diseases of man and brute.

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Peacticallt considered epilensy presents two classes of cases the carable

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gecko served as a reservoir. P. minutus only bites man in the hot

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antigen a modification of that recommended by Sachs and

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prove the character of the soil and enable it to resist the

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cells breaking into groups and disappearing as you trace them from the

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on one side to the obstetrical and on the other to the

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dizziness the latter of which had remained continuously.

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director should be appointed to care for them and see that they

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tion to be a guest at the Congress. One of the speakers.

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ti es to more serious evils as ulcerations. Considered as harmless

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been placed upon the differences between the growth of the connec

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gling and irritation and by the slight desquamation which follows.

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The most essential point to be made is the considera

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antenneal band. The metathorax is as long as the prothorax. The

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Epizootiology Wild mice presumably serve as reservoir hosts Transmission

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A Special Committee of Guardians of the Whitechapel Union ap

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solution of a magnesium salt is treated with ammonium carbonate

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principle and the olein may be had by evaporation. Or the olein may

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hodily size to be somewhat greater in the Malayan race than in

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normal almost 100 per cent. The important factor of the

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dull pain in the lumbar region latterly with pain in

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time he admits that the observations are too few to draw absolute

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powerful menstruums are made for its emollition whereby it

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appear in the colour appropriate to that month January in black

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that all of the good of cinchona lies in the quinine

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upon wheels. And for the adult we may adapt for our purpose

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third where the parenchyma was becoming or had in places become

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responsible for the emotions for fear for cowardice for anxiety.

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whether or not definite intermissions of the pyrexia occur.

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erated diminishes in frequency and the force is increased its

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known as pseudo laevulose because laevorotatory and probably derived

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Uaea ExlemoL Cantharides is employed more freqnentljr

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resonance. These areas of dulness and of resonance remain constant

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normalities of the Sexual Glands of Man and Horses. The au

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must also mention the so called Erbsen speech Erbsensprache

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that infection is common through the aspiration of contaminated

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tion caused by an alteration in the surface tension

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diminished in size so as scarcely to measure one forty five hundredth

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represents about 2 250 calories the quantity necessary to

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rare for the heart to become diseased when rheumatic fever

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by the presence of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Connaught

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green matter like rancid bile may also be one of the pains

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creative age Kehrer finds it most frequent in older women.

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antiseptic and improved operative technique the fact remains that it

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possess at present 36 recorded instances in which they have been

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Deacon General Secretary Philadelphia Society for Organizing Charity

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is not of great severity and the constitutional depression is slight. The

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spoonful of llorsford s acid ihosphates may Imj taken in water after meals

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smothering to death with a labored whistling intake of

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jective and subjective phenomena of any given act and so finally termi

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band about the base of the supernumerary hoofs and upon the

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due to abnormalities in structure insertion or innervation

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man is abstemious in the matter of alcohol but imprudent to a degree

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