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presumably Dr. Birley is responsible brings out some

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The added cement is similar in structure to the primary

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the dysenteric process and the rise of temperature cannot be regarded

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form of sensory aphasia in which word blindness predominates is often called

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chronic nephritis are prone to cerebral haemorrhage while the type

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by pain and constriction of the throat or by diarrhoea. Acute

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tine and Asia Minor. With Facsimiles from Photographs. 3Sv

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children seen at a children s clinic on account of poor

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The group of symptoms in the individual seizures corresponds

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vinced that it is one of the simplest and best methods

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the costal arch is the site of fracture or of disloca

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ince of Tayabas Atimonan 667 Whitford August 1904 Province of Bataan

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and by an increasmg number of boards of health and large hospitals.

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temporal lobe is more often involved than other parts. The cerebellum is

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and then wet the hands with the milk during the milking this is

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reactions with T.R. The cjuestion of secondary infection

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influence even iu this respect is inferior to many other remedies of a

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symptoms. Defects in articulation deglutition and phonation are the

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Woolsey said where there was a history of alcoholism but

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