crotalin solution is drawn into the syringe and after

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urine is lost in this latter form of the disease even

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doses it would be very useful in certain cases of ir

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produce the same medicinal effects as the infusion.

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It must contain an antiscorbutic element. 3. Ihe quantity

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brief lasting a week at the utmost although they were

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perience however showed two factors particularly which should

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disproportionate decrease of the ataxic cerebellum medulla is

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jj wife to leave Philadelphia and take up their residence in

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anti diphtheritic seram for the various city hospitals.

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Course. In the course of the dermatitis there develop

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air. then his head antcnnrc and forelegs. As he rose

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pation hemorrhage fexer pain etc. Treatment is also men

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type and in a form suitable for convenient reading and done up in

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the patient to make the extension and inversion as complete as

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Relation between carcinoma cervicis uteri and the bladder and its

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cians in Philadelphia are intent on fostering the most

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were much improved after the first few injections and requested that the

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matter to be eliminated. As the ovum develops fetal metabol

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hanging bank of a stream and in small pools in marshy ground.

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glands. In man the glands reach almost to the muscu

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sistent and free from clots. The os externum is found only partially

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fail. Large ulcers on the surface are not incompatible with very good

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SyiMptoms. J his disease goes through four stages that of incubation

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were much more definite in the. animals Observations 5k

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The physical examination should be thorough. Beginning

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the pricker. Methods 1 to 3 are set aside on what seem satisfactory

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ample equipment of the Department of Hygiene has been called in

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obtain a substance not very different from common collodion at a much cheaper

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Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery Toronto September.

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twelve times and perineal lithotomy once. Suprapubic lithotomy

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minutes and they should be repeated once every second

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federate rams and two cotton clad steamers. After a fight of an

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officer willing to be burdened with its duties the change was made and

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a recent article read before the College of Physicians

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