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met with in cases of intra thoracic tumour and when unilateral or

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membrane of the lips cheeks and tongue directly over these

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has been observed though more rarely in the Cat and Chauveau has

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were plagiocephalic at both poles. Of the latter 171

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health is poor feels despondent and thinks but little can be done

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cation of any spasm during sleep. The temperature showed

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was found to be free from arsenic and otherwise nor

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epithelial cells in size and the degenerated area ex

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The late Dr. James Johnson of London stated that there is no

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stage or when it has already passed into the stage of effusion before

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philosopher should be no swearer for an oath which is the

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during and after the operation was in Mr. Cuthbert s

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lanti water than I have supposed there is still the ob

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wholesome substantial and sufficient. It is not epi

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die quantitativen Verhaltnisse der Trbpfchenausstreuung durch hustende Phthisiker

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occasionally be immersed iu water to prevent drying of the

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A gold medal has been awarded to Dr. Alvah H. Doty

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Over one hundred physicians assembled in the bnnciuet

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The question of symbiosis in the higher organisms is a much disputed

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II. The glandular fyftem of veffels may be divided into thofe

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Ner vine. A medicine that soothes a nervous excitement.

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when an impulse is sent along the excitjitory fibers of a

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through drinking milk from diseased cows. Many result from insanitary

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some of the women but nothing of that kind occurred in Indiana. There

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In the new born and young animals the connective tissue

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omnibus est notum Alph. 175 S. uel anethum agreste id est

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geus et trachea lis. Catarrh afifecting the larj nx

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