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labor and during dilatation this condition of atony was

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Prof. Moos the distinguished otologist died recently

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Medicine makes a distinction between Land and Sea Scurvy I

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or American troops of the Army for the United States continental

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disarranged. The dried pieces are ready for use and

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position into which the disease has brought it by well fitting splints for

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muscles cicatricial contraction and disease of the central nervous system.

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of human cancer and furthermore that the treatment does not seem to be

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tives improve even in the public wards of a general

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thing does happen and an obese young girl or widow contem

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that it renders alkaline urine acid thereby destroy

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compose a work on medicines tried and approved by experiment for

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The cause of inflammation of the prostate of the esicula semi

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likely by not keeinng interdental wedge in jiroper position.

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in the province of Okayama. Like other species this

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Bramwell and H. B. Dykes raise a number of interesting

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rescihded. iu so far as that minute contemplated that there

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The Second Examination embraces Report on premises visited

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tein plaques tartar and other harmful deposits about

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quently are at variance. In twenty two of the forty six cases the

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tumor refilled but finally disappeared spontaneously. The second

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an assistant in the private hospital of Dr. Beddoes

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Give a few drops of some expectorant medicine in the water or give

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more effect on the uterus than other varieties of mint.

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applied to right ear showed no nystagmus to the right

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paroxysmal pain of appendicitis. The rigidity of the abdominal

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with excrementitious matters this likewise belongs in other

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venosity and cyanosis and as the anatomical measure of their signi

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tions and indicated by paretic or by contractural conditions as presented in

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papillomatosis the Professor remarked In my work on dis

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being are unable to flourish or survive. It is clear that

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