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plorable condition when he came under my care. Residual urine

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A pertinent fact may properly be interpolated here. One of our own

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was a pulse deficit. Radial pulse irregular in force and rhythm.

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in the th sToid. Because it was believed that this condition was due

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in the minds of his fellow practitioners rather censure and con

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described recently by Achalme Thiroloix and Savchenko in

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would have had two accusatives. In the same manner I think it

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what he has learned from his text book and his teacher

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of any class of persons. Frequently the school com

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thoughtless person could hardly fail to be struck on reflection

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portion of the wood was broken and remained within in such sort

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that when one comes to consider the position occupied by the defendant

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with transfusion. I think when a patient has been given a transfusion

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In the discussion of this paper Hyde reported two cases which

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able and distinguished chairmen of the committees representing the Homce

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j flow till some degree of faintness again occurred.

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II fautetre liommc de bien et savant pour y exeellei..Mnlinis

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Harrison Robert The Surgical Anatomy of the Arteries of the Human

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vanced cases of exophthalmic goitre the internal res

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before described. As soon as the gland is out the little patient

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now lecturer on medical entomology in Edinburgh Univer

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Medical School have been awarded for the sessions 1921 22

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have to ascertain the state of health of children presenting them

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low even with the worst cases. This cow had been suffering

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been destroyed anteriorly leaving a boat shaped scar.

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desiring to contribute papers are reipiested to communicate

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it afterward rinse with ordinary water. Do not let the

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heart beat which is the immediate cause of death thus confirm

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century. The theory of cancer profited by this forward mo

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fession has been everywhere solicited to join in this

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of conformation in which the thoracic cavity has been dimin

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observation for weeks after the date of injection. The results

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is that the most nutritious food should be eaten as boiled

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splint will be made to be worn at night only to hold

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these changes increased resistance is offered to the flow of blood through

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material present in the nuclei of all cells. For a clear under

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covered by normal mucous membrane with a smooth somewhat granular

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of frequent micturition and imperfect relief after the act he has some pain

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majority of cases only the last or the last two lumbar arteries were

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branous vesicle. The vesicle occupies a space excavated from the cartilage of

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The recurrent grants bad been for maintenance only and not

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ble. It is a notorious fact that the greater the destrut

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against typhoid is now obligatory in the United States

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Surgery in Rush Medical College Chicago 111. Piofessor of Surgery in the

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their outlines which by their transparency appear indefinite. Cort

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disinfect such incoming vessels as may be turned over to them by the

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by the presence of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Connaught

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makes recommendations for repair or improvement he searches for fly or mosquito breeding

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recommended as such by any recognized relief committee

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