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A. DuiuNG Lahour. When parturition conunences it is rare indeed

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take three or four months to climb up ten or fifteen points.

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His successor in office was likewise a man of great ability ripe

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True tcfioiji occurs sometimes and a number of cases have devclojied

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cations. Nevertheless we must he prepared to obviate the tendency

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Eye Hospital entered the army as lieutenant on.January

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Again in a former letter dated Feb. 18th 1873 the Inspector

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no harm and a surplus insures success as well as prevents accident.

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The mortality of this disease can be greatly reduced by

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is rampant aud it is high time for recognition of the fact

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The decubitus instead of being sternal becomes lateral and the

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above the question whether in the protbymic morale engendering

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with a solid mass of scar tissue which quite occludes the entire

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the free surface with the membrana limitans externa of V. Brunn

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for construction the actual acquisition of the site by the

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the revision he has made those changes and amendments

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A sanatorium proper is not only useful for the treat

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the records made by the regular workers. Whenever possible the

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character even independently of the addition of the local

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the Royal Army Medical Service and other branches of

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with a warm solution of common salt repeating the opera

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can be drawn concerning the use of phenoltetrachlorphthalein as a

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pressure over the epigastrium and the ingestion of food relieve the

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of motion in the second there was perfect loss of motion

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virus is probably upon the intramuscular termination of the nerves

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cocain. The quantity of cocain used by this route is

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Sig. Half a teaspoonful in two quarts t f hot ivaterl

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lands. The mode is 1 centimeter greater for the Bontoc Igorots than

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midrib anastomosing near the margin of the leaf petioles densely pubes

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London in rheumatic and neuralgic affections. The doee of it is

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had never seen a case of insanity. He spoke of his ex

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somewhat the technique of his incision for iridotomy. The single

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boundaries of the optic disc were almost indistinguishable in both cases

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in a paper read before the Eoyal Medico Chirurgical Society of London and

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increasing the secretions and exciting the peristaltic action chiefly

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Mr. James D. Doulton for a large and valuable contribution of speci

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of the London Medical Society Member of the American Medical

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liepatitis metritis acute congestion of the kidneys gastritis etc.

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tion. Now since the anterior portion of the foot is much

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parametritis rendering the diagnosis at times exceedingly difficult requir

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Folkestone and Southampton. An additional service is

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lieve his obstruction I injected a solution of eucaine

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they are usually crcjiated or simply as shadows. In ammoniaeal urine

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that a certain portion of bone is enlarged painful and

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hanc rem a medicis vulgo destinata sed prse omnibus queeratur

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Headland Frederick Wm.. Essay on the Action of Medicines in

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pan under r de with their sovereign or lived in brc

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been appointed resident superintendent of the Maryland

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belief that they were for philanthropic purposes. It was

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more appreciable and friable and bleeds more easily

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a matter of convenience but it will be readily understood that

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