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altering the atmospheric pressure within. This arrangement

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against subsequent injections with fatal quantities of staphylococci

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on hemolysis by making a fistula between the splenic vein and the

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did not have diphtheria the injection was not repeated.

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I am not sure whether I have mentioned the lecture delivered

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da derartige Bildungen bei Quecksilbernephritiden nicht vorkom

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full working capacity as soon as possible. It is well known thar

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bend his body forward in a strained postion. The painful points of greatest

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ports the man as being in excellent general health and

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This is gradually increased as tlie Oedogoniuni develops.

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Remarks. 1 would first put alcohol paper pressed down along on the top

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the foundation for an Arabian era of medicine was much

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of Birmingham for general purposes and directed the

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means and next to these a generous and nutritious diet.

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later stages the pituitary is exhausted or destroyed.

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Cartwright He was proverbial for his opposition to slavery and

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nated by the kidneys that they produce no irritation

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goes on increasing from the first and frequently by its violence in nine

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does it perhaps introducing into the conditions of the case a

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masseuse or whoever is carrying out the details of treat

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TuE Geneva Convention as has been seen was recognized

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have contributed more or less to furnish the bark of commerce but are

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It will usually be found near the fundus uteri at the

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Another excellent plan for small dairies is that known as the Cooley

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Autopsy negative except for pus in nose and inflammation of

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not involved and the atrium of infection does not communicate with the

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still leaves the time distinctly longer than that obtained on the same

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testines very commonly the duodenum lt by embolism of the superior

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simple precautions of disinfecting the external genitals and bterilizing all

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and by Dr. William Ewart of 33 Curzon Street Mayfair Honorary

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and then the scratching ceased. Though he believed that

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genital folds in conjunction with an abnormally large

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a sharp specially constructed knife or by the galvano

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ence is upon potassium bromid. If sleep is interfered

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near the anterior surface. Soon the epithelium and intervening

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I shortly transcribe two of the records concerning injected

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may be more persistent anaemia. The restoration of hae

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civilisation and often return home as such men to spend

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really and seriously suggest that all preparations many of which

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or treatment which he may be able to secure may be pre

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ture. Previously to this time the expense of conducting the

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angles of the mouth. She had interstitial keratitis

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lungs lie therefore concludes that Sandouzy s theory that

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remark in passing that the epileptic convulsions of this man are more

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culosis because 1 they combat the subacidity in the early

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sume that every case of primary tuberculosis of the in

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Cattle seem to be more susceptible than horses the disease

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it is to obtain the supreme proof of the etiological

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penetrates the liver probably by the ductus choledochus

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know. These are practically secrets belonging to the

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the case is received for treatment in anything like a reason

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exposure to extreme cold diabetes mellitus tuberculosis or other

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with the senior medical officer at the academy as the head of the

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ning up and down the back a fifth is costive women become

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titioners to furnish ns for publication with one of

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ready for handing to the medical attendant at the proper moment.

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