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has suddenly become violently insane before he can be

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action of the metal on the nervous system with the anti

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and diplomas. The allied hospitals BristolRoyal Infirmary

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desired that by means of further observations the indi

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neglected in practice of cold after heat was illustrated

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namely the danger from sudden haemorrhage the danger from extensive

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appears to act rather as a varnish to the skin than as an

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troduced a debate on influenza which in a mild form is

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ginn des Versuches bei 20 mm Hg gleich 1 000 gesetzt.

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paralysed side is higher in two it is lower. In No. 7 for

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Immersion in cold water for many hours where only a portion of a

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provocation or without provocation emit a string of sounds that convey no

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physiologic complexity. This fact is undoubtedly recog

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most accurate scientific sense a true organic iron.

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animals to determine from the loss of weight when they have

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able to walk about comfortably on the 25th of the following November.

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themselves to the tumor. Difficulty is then experienced only after

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sensations felt in the throat is extremely defective and sensations arising

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of the teeth. Considering the great importance of the condition of

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Israele. Here TEE gt rEi.n translates the Hebrew into

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by effectually limiting it to the first cases presenting.

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complain of very slight causes of pain I inject but

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excited cellular activity. To this therefore must be attributed

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action in 164 cases of malaria in 1912 felt that malaria did not

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a Civil War hospital made for and exhibited at our Centennial Ex

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are classified as follows Brachycephalie index over 80

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death followed occasionally large clefts of the lumbo

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cally to be negligible in fact in practice the ural

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delivered the address in Surgery at the recent meeting of the Canadian

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this subject in which he arrived at the following conclusions. The

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basis for a minimal estimate. From these figitres we are

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dissolving ten grains of iodine and a drachm of iodide of

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been discovered but Drs. Wilks Taylor and Pye Smith reasserted

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to destruction Just as success seems assured. When the in

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the true character. It is not right therefore on discov

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child to work on an empty stomach or if insufficiently

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There seems to be no connection between yellow fever and

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Linden to the Leipzigerstrasse Potsdamerstrasse Pots

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rhages the main characteristics were the yellow color of the eye ground

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animal extracts Among the later offshoots of homeopathy was the systenM

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physician. They may best be considered as researches

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rapid ceasing of the secretion of the urine. However experience shows

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in the immediate future. All the military hospitals in the

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ments on the cadaver and dog by the enormous resist

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method of ophthalmic examination is made use of and the inverted

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posteriorly owing to the bird s long neck and hence there is a

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sphaerici et respirationem intercedit. 12mo. HafniEe 1815

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Ano. EranciscuB. De xecta curandorum Vnlnernm e feb

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the main branches of engineering their relations to each other the

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drawn through a solution of radium. The absorption and dis

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incontinence frequently go together even without nocturnal epileptic

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trenches for many hours. Moreover the fact that there

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owski F f 6 has instituted a series of clinical experiments with the

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former method it is frequently possible to retain or restore the

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Placed behind the peritoneum the Wolffian bodies are attached by two

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