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during and after the operation was in Mr. Cuthbert s

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to penetrate the intestine and were not so serious as gun shot

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discussion several misstatements of fact that have been commonly

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direction as we have carried out it would ajDpear advisable to extend

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if farmers did not adopt this precaution they would lose great num

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features of gyn ecological practice. The causes from

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be ascribed to the discovery of a new continent. In effect these

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debility or of extreme age unable to stand one of the severer

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sight of the materials which are shaped by those who educate the

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as worms in the intestines impacted f aBces elongated prepuce or sexual

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expirations or by turning the body in the erect position as much

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bronchitic cough in fact a combination of unfavorable symptoms which

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made with a view of obtaining light upon this question as I know

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ventilation and still can be adjusted to protect from

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to add manna or linseed decoction to the milk. Protect

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strong and rugged constitution engaged in hauling coal

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upon which are found cartilage referred to as buttons.

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you can resuscitate that child I think it s dead. As

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more uncertain condition known as shell shock and it occurs in

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A mere prick of the needle will show whether the blood contains 50

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In order to know exactly the histological condition of the

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tempestuous body. Further the outrushing materials must acquire

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it wholly failed the divided parts again uniting. 1 was therefi e verrc

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National Academy of Science Philadelphia November 21 1917

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evident that nothing essential has been changed as re

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the newer lesions there is a reddish areola but this is

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dials beyond his usual hours confounds the economy of

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Dr. Sterne said that the carmin stain has a particu

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milliamperes for thirty minutes. The ulceration was

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process of watching continued for five da3 s longer during

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occurs in all parts of the tumour both in the more ho

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tive of the ability to demonstrate tubercle bacilli.

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vomited. On the 19th as haemostatic remedies failed to be of much

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iier friends that no tendency to relapse nor any inconvenience has

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superseded atropine as a mydriatic dilating the pupil as

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uon plasmio for example mechanical stimuli acting on the

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all irritating hand injections. Permanganate may be

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netick vertues with the Spirit and fydereall bo The Aftra s

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The results of Unna s experiments with his formulas have

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interrogatories of his visiting patients. In this facility he resembled

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The only local cause of importance is the pleurisy which by making the

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papules can still be felt and sometimes seen. Vesicles form and exudation

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to push but the work is much lighter than carrying the stretchers by

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vious attacks of sore throat. One day about a month after

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owner did not care to risk an operation without first trying some

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cells in the anterior horn. The more posterior fibres of

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observe de survie en apparence definitive que sur des animaux albinos

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sundrj receipts are up making a total increase of. i 62o over

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extreme of life. Sex has no influence on the mortality

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took place during this time but if they were open while he was

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In other respects there are the usual signs of motor in

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nostras cholera iDfantam and other forms of enteritis.

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logical papers is that in a good many instances they antici

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work very similar in structure to the reticulum present in

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of mastoid disease were abouf Hie average met with in the

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there existed a rl8e in tlie numl er of the white cor

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Occasionally it attacks both eyes independently. It sometimes occurs

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the gradual march of malarial fever into the heart of

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to be suffering with rheumatism of the back but who was

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and directed forwards flexion was impossible but weight could be

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Other jnethods of bringing the provision of the law

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ENURESIS Associated with Incontinence of Feces in a

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fetid admixed with clots and shreds of mucus often ichorous

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the attitude of overcorrection for the purpose of pre

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to be a cardiac accident. Another died following operation for

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Dr. Barker I think that a great many physicians and surgeons

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in which the animals live exercise an influence on the course of scabies.

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In bovine tuberculosis Frsenkel shows that in 8 000 tests the rrror

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BaDer twig. As the nuin trunks of tho pulmonary artety enter tho

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Eivolta has published an instance of herpetic disease in a Dog due

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The so called penis is claw like carried laterally and bent to the

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in the course of treatment while 2 or 12 per cent were reported

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