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and the volume of urine measured every half hour for

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Hood Wharton P.. On Bone setting so called and its relation

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the application of a pad or plate the stretching of the

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country is always covered with ice and snow consider butter

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thing more decent of it is not clear but a study of

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dermatitis Fig. 2. and a dermatitis directly opposite the

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expressed was that the scheme of providing sanatoriums out

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The physicians of the olden time including Esculapius Hip

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ity will be rather heightened. The paralyzed muscles waste and low

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J ugals formula as follows is an excellent preparation

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or a case of labor which has occurred in which there

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have yerelie the som e of six poundes in benevolence

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the statement that whereas the blind use of the bougie may lead to

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will be ready for occupancy before the end of the winter.

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regulations atfecting the sanitary condition of our military forces and

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tendency to heart depression is noted. A good drug combination both

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Der wiffenfcbaftlicbe Streit urn diefc wilden Scbofilinge und Hus

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verse of clinical propositions and this applies to the matter now under

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hyperplasia of the thymus is no longer the dominant

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on the paws head and body but was more particularly localized on the

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during the period occupied iu the observations. The

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rigorous climate with winter coming early and remaining long accompanied

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same time the vermifuges should be given and the bowels gently moved

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of admission a small piece of skin was removed from the inner

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as efficacious as that of the iron salt. The instrument employed is a

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rectum. He surrounds the divided extremities of the

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pulse and respiration. The latter is in general accelerated in propor

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bacillus with other micro organisms. It is to day a

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a loose connective tissue rich in fibroblasts and containing a few eosinophils

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