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chronously galvanofaradization is indicated. In fact when im

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every pulsation the heart and vessels perform. The same aliment

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COMMUNICATIONS in the form of Scientific Articles. Clinical

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THERAPEUTICAL EFFECTS. As perhaps the most effectual remedy

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The stage of eruption lasts for from seven to ten days

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organisms as B. typhosus or staphylococcus prevented a fatal issue although

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possible the great majority of tuberculous patients will still have to be

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eventually the System will contain fewer volumes and be much less bulky. To

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for the inspection of the same and invited Sir Edward

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specially large and long hypodermic needle is used and the point of the

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of their inevitable failure to have complied with the

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rate when the patient squats on his heels and bends the head well

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of the fourth year also attend the indoor clinics of some of the

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talsis was seen only following sharp tapping of the belly wall with

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appears to be more common in men in the proportion of about

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awake the bladder was normal but at times during sleep the urine

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special methods of staining the tubercle bacilli may be found in the

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meatus. It is sometimes possible to suspect the existence of nerve

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trouble with many observers is that such a condition never draws upon

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SiK Witli reference to tlie editorial notice on tbe

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reduction by open arthrotomy should be restricted to recent irre

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tubercular tissue forming the tubercular pneumonia which under

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and marked congestion of the lungs with numerous petechial hemorrhages.

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against the tuberculous process and she now has de

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tion must judge the supply and demand. Nutrition must be

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