elements to form well localized cell clusters in the membrane.

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spasmodic pains in the chest lasting 15 to 20 minutes. These

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ing is an excellent means of keeping the scalp clean and in

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particles the rate of sedimentation of the corpuscles is retarded while

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enlarging at the expense of the lower triangle. Traces

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more were injected this making in all 9 40 of 1 grain.

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injected into a rabbit abundant eon formation is noted in six

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increai ed if the patient went upstairs or nierely walked about and astbnmtic

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In closing I desire to acknowledge the great assistance

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gastric disease while 25 had slight attacks only during the five years

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blankets. The sweating jiroduced by these measures is usually rofuse

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took an intense red stain. In many places also the adrenal tissue

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cells which have given rise for a long time to the most

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perience however showed two factors particularly which should

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monthly detei miuation to the invei t d womb. By ex

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tion safely delivered of a healthy child without the least difficulty.

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may be congenital or the result of e. cessive e.xercise

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Offects of intrathecal injections. Penetration of neo

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eight to ten hours when it should be turned out with the others.

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if in glancing over the list charged up to you you shall

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fail between five and fifteen years of age verysel

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with granulation tissue and much foreign material on surface. Spleen Fragmentation of

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loupe. I mention this lest the possession of only a single object lens

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conductors over every part of the muscles the application should last from

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Adirondack region is highly beneficial. From 26 per cent to 35

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country if we are to save ourselves from its scourge. Children should be

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beyond the confines of these two countries on the Continent. In Switzer

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virtually narrowing the pelvic inlet it lessens the space into which the

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and is termed struma foUicularis. It may attack the entire organ

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than a couple of hours to Milan so that a fairly able

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system being down to the last degree. What I suffered

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symptoms in May and June respectively the following year 1913.

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doses will give rise to intense itching without any eruption or if the

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plugging of the nostrils. Eetinal haemorrhages are often observed. If

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doubtless will be in the future even more profitably culti

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vertigo meclizine does not help

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and consists of three orange red stigmas thickened and

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their true nature has been revealed by further observation.

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hye years ago. The admission rate for enhsted men in the Unftec

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country if we are to save ourselves from its scourge. Children should be

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Treatment. There are several efficient chemical antidotes for

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gently curetted washed out with an antiseptic fluid

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el sentimento Onde ha anche colligantia cum el core e cum el cerebro.

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against 138 in the previous week. In three other northern cities

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Council and ho thought the best way would be to refer

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sient oedema not necessarily accompanied by pitting and sometimes resem

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which latter state it forms an excellent stimulant to indolent ulcers.

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treated bne woman ibr nmenorrhoea with letToBcxkio of the utenaud

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Mr. McGrath is one of the British government s customs officials

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ably as acute septic inflammations. All are due to the

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J. C. Stinson Diffuse peritonitis from acute appendicitis in a girl

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loss of blood. There is little secondary hemorrhage and no

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A bland demulcent white in colour closely i esembling milk

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do vary in different areas. So far as the investigations

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was totally different from that found in health and

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permanent in the breath. In the cases to which he refers the original

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sometimes caused impairment and even loss of anal sense

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selves also the seat of lympharteritis the aorta suffers

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undertook to treat The Religion of the Semites as a whole. We see

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A case of chronic alkaline cystitis of four years duration

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term. The bases of all sins are absolutely abstract principles

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conflicting. Broadly they are three 1 that the deposit

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jaw face and neck is attended by considerable difficulty and danger. Moreover

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