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snaring the lowest part of the ileum. In both cases operation
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a little under a bore of two millimetres the electro magnet represented
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the fruit is forming the whole involucre is then reflexed exposing to the
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and fixed. Urine and feces had been passed involuntarily. This state
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fro. n the operation and hut slight pain at any time subsequently during
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degeneration atrophy amyloid infiltration the nature of these
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be made in the roof of the urethra. By this means en
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these albuminurias pass afterwards into chronic nephritis there
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danger that the medical and sanatorium benefit funds may
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formalin and on the third day following a second infu
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hydria must also be considered in the differential diag
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thigh and the foot inverted with the great toe resting on
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of the fact that the corpuscles of the blood are altered after several
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it became necessary to send a number of them to British hospitals.
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mission by those due to interference with the onward passage of
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the latest edition with amendments of the British Phar
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numbing sensation in the lips with a feeling of enlargement and
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dence in favor of the operation. The weight of rofessional opinion is
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dogs horses and cattle although the serum of the majority
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a day and other variations but I find the best results
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Of the 80 amputations by other methods than tlie rectangnlar 37 were
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the intestines hence after abdominal section the relations of the
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cells in stained preparations from the same source
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mously decided that a Reunion Association bo formed in
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form practically did not exist and the regiments to which
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management of no less than 6 persons 2 Masters 2 Wardens amp
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solution. This fact emphasizes all the more the need for
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