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At every station soldiers boarded the train. For the

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rare cases in which well marked systolic retractions and Fried

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but evidently positive and complete proof can only be afforded

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a little under a bore of two millimetres the electro magnet represented

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effects of Chloroform on the respiratory centre are complicated

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quent of autopsy findings. Cloudiness and swelling in an organ may be due

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diately taken to approach the proper authorities to

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all greatly increased the pain grows more severe in proportion

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clude accidental separation of the normally implanted j lacenta the

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and who urge the a ray treatment of goiter the most enthusiastically

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the animal for a day or so for observation during which time

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the screw and the patient complains of pain. At this

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he would deliver Ins lecture without notes in a somewhat

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former for medical publications and to the latter for their

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receptors of chemical stimuli form a very natural group.

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the retiring chairman for his conduct in the chair during the

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the permanent members from that affiliated society

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copy of his Handbook which he has sent to Her Majesty.

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sional exceptions to this there certainly are but these exceptions

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AS Sleeswijk W eichardt s Ergebnisse 1914 points out the founders of the

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one time it was very frequently used its administration is in general

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nutrition the Galders Yeast Company Ltd. of Newcastle

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gives in detail the report of one severe case in which

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HYPOSTOMA Rud. 1809a 36 37 325 327 nee Hypostomus Lac 1803 fish type

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famous retreat of the 10 000 under Xenophon the army suffered

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the development of the decidua. Without careful investigation these casts

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whichll it was now generally agreed is not a specific

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on the surface and this minority was able to prevent the consummation

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many automobile rides were arranged for the patients. The granting

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some tinnitus in the left ear ear not yet dry epider

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a fundamental kind. Handley s operation for carcinoma of the breast based

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This operation is taking the ovaries away from the bitch to

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experimental discoveries of SchifF and the subsequent clinical researches

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enable the book titles to be seen while the sense of the presence

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and in ver urgent cases even hourly. Caffeine by preference

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in the blood for a number of days is not grasped by most

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quantities of nutrient and functionating material converting these

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mand of petrography for her own profit have thus proved a benefit

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ward of the bones with distention of the synovial sheaths so that there

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etc. while juniper and cantharides belong to the class of epi

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grouped the two hundred cases without classifying them into

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operating in the highly manured districts of France and

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erties of cocain recommend its use. Only one other case is

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toes l gt destroying the larval forms as recently stated

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in this small minority of cases the primary cause has been

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auil those wbich affect the scalp arsenic is prescribed with excellent

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edition. The Life of Celsus I have taken from Rhodius

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by the repeated application of leeches and it was not uncommon to observe

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it did not unpleasantly affect the system. Its effects

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I complications. Remember the broad rule that dropsy

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