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i. Action of Sliver Nitrate and Chromic Acid on Chronic Glossitis

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accompanied by cerebral coagestion nymphomania infec

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derately contrary to custom. Therefore a rapid traoMtion from too much labour to

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and was engaged on this edition when he died. He had already

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his works in their epitome as in their full volume and beheld

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specific gravity and hemoglobin are increased to fall

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This dressing was not removed until the fourth day when the

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which will open at Geneva on the 26fch of this mouth. I addcil

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of the mother that she cannot possibly nurse her infant is often the

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hjrgienic management and must be regarded with gravity.

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Railway without ex ra remuneration and that there is

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important part in deciding the question at issue for the earlier

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acute nephritis is most apt to develop in those cases of daily fever

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twice daily on a condenser couch. It lasts ton minutes

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the military meetings on one occasion riding his own

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is amputated by the knife or scissors or even by the 6crasseur. The

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sent is arrested and the abnormal escape of plasma and

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copious draughts of warm milk and water should be given.

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Figs. 19 and 20. These figui es show one of the medi

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of the diseased vertebrae. The anaesthesia it will be remem

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